Stainless Steel Edition Able Competition Mod by Avid Lyfe

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Stainless Steel Ables are finally here!  You'll be sure to love the clean look of the new SS Able comp mod, with the same main features we've grown to love, but some slight changes that make it stand out from previous versions. 

  • 24mm diameter; thick walls for higher conductivity and heft
  • Polished stainless steel tube, brushed stainless steel top cap and button
  • Avid Lyfe's trademark "top hat" hybrid-style cap bridges a direct connection between your atomizer and battery, and adjusts for a snug battery fit with flush sitting of the atomizer
  • Tube accomodates 18650 battery(only) inside, and interchangeable sleeves outside
  • Extra deep "SS Edition" and "AV" engravings along the top of the tube
  • New laser AV etchings on the top cap and button
  • Interchangeable carbon fiber sleeve included
  • Interchangeable key switch button
  • 110 copper firing pin (99.9% pure copper, electrical conductivity rating of 100+% IACS)
  • Adjustable bottom-fire button with opposing rare earth magnets and thread-locking mechanism
  • Diamond knurled top cap and button
  • Comes in latest limited edition boxes

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