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All the great benefits and high performance of the original TexasTuff, Now with higher absorption load and quicker absorption time.
What is JuicyWix ?
From Leo D designs, The creators of TexasTuff premium organic cotton now Bring you JuicyWix premium organic cotton !
JuicyWix Premium Organic Cotton is exclusively processed and produced by Leo D Designs.
JuicyWix is a blend of cotton species grown only in the U.S.A and carefully selected for their beneficial properties. JuicyWix is Similar to the very popular TexasTuff yet 
is blended with a cotton species with long soft/fluffy fibers, to provide a faster liquid absorption rate and very high absorption load while maintaining a great level of heat resistance. 
  A Proprietary cleansing and sanitization method unique only to Leo D Designs/TexasTuff  is used to produce a final product with no equal on the market. Harsh Chemicals and Heavy machinery are never used in the production process, maintaining fiber integrity and health with the level of purity expected. This is Premium organic cotton the way nature intended it to be. 
  • Long Soft fibers
  • high fiber health / integrity
  • tuff and long lasting 
  • high heat resistance 
  • extra fast absorption
  • extra high absorption load
  • sterilized clean and pure
  • Thousands sold to happy buyers

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