Gyre Dimple Competition Mod by Avid Lyfe - Copper

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Avid Lyfe's Gyre Mods have finally here! Each of these unique beauties has undergone a lengthy machining process, giving each design an eye-catching look.  Coupled with AV's hard-hitting philosophies, you've got a competition mod unlike anything ever seen before!

  • 24mm top diameter
  • 110 copper
  • "Top hat" hybrid style cap with Gyre Series vertigo engraving
  • "Dimple" or "Slow Twist" machined 18650 (only) tube
  • 110 copper firing pin (99.9% pure copper, electrical conductivity rating of 100+% IACS)
  • Adjustable bottom-fire button with opposing rare earth magnets and thread-locking mechanism
  • Key switch button with interchangeable Gyre Series disc
  • Batch 1, serial numbers engraved inside button
  • Comes in latest Avid Lyfe Comp Team boxes

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