Definitive Wire

The Definitive Wire product line from Definitive Coils is a spool of 100ft raw wire that is ready for any build!

Product Variances:


24G Kanthal 100ft

26G Kanthal 100ft

28G Kanthal 100ft

30G Kanthal 100ft

32G Kanthal 100ft

34G Kanthal 100ft

36G Kanthal 100ft


24G Nichrome 80 100ft

26G Nichrome 80 100ft

28G Nichrome 80 100ft

30G Nichrome 80 100ft

32G Nichrome 80 100ft

34G Nichrome 80 100ft

36G Nichrome 80 100ft 

38G Nichrome 80 100ft


0.4mm Kanthal A1 Ribbon Wire 100ft

0.4mm Nichrome 80 Ribbon Wire 100ft


If you do not understand the principals OHM's law or have no experience with battery safety, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.  This is and ADVANCE USER item.  No refunds or exchanges for this item.

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