Comp Lyfe RDA Cleaning Tool

The Comp Lyfe Cleaning Tool is a 510 RDA Cleaning Tool
This cleaning tool is made to be used with a drill to accelerate the cleaning process.

- Knurled grip
- Nylon washer on bottom that screws against top cap 

As always with plated mods- refer to our Plating Policy for cleaning instructions.

By making this purchase, Comp Lyfe and Platinum Vapes will not be held responsible for misuse/neglect.
**Important- make sure to use 3 in 1 oil on the threads of the tool prior to using (this will make the tool go on/off smoothly).
As threading may vary from mod to mod- if the tool doesn't thread smoothly, do not force the tool in. Forcing may damage the 510 threading on the RDA

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