Bo One Kit - BO Vaping

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The BO One kit is made of a BO vaporiser, and a magnetic USB charger and 2 Cola 12mg /24mg (depending on availability) Bo Caps.  Standing at only 10 cm tall and weighing 22 grams the BO One has a durable ceramic coating finish to keep it looking new all day every day. Featruning temperature control, this function ensures you never get a dry hit!  The pre-filled leak proof BO Caps available HERE and HERE have a 1.5 ml capacity.

With regular use the BO One has a 380 mAh battery which will last for approximately 6 hrs. 

The Optional BO Power unit available HERE not only acts as an on the go charger but will extend the daily battery usage by up to 4 times!!!

The optional BO Cable available HERE is a rapid USB charger for the BO One.

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